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Shimano BL-M600 Servo-Wave Action V-Brake Lever




Shimano BL-M600 Servo-Wave Action V-Brake Lever

  • Released in late-1996 (approx.)
  • Available through 2000 (approx.)
  • A "Shimano Deore LX" series component
  • Three-position Servo-Wave Action lever lets riders adjust braking power modulation to personal preference.
  • A 2mm Allen wrench (hex key) is used to set the screw at one of the three positions.
  • Brake cantilevers and Servo-Wave Action brake levers are designed to be used together for the best braking performance - using V-Brakes with non-Servo-Wave Action brake levers may adversely affect braking performance
  • Color: silver
  • Weight: 3.10oz. (approx.) - per Dan's Comp in mid- to late-1990's
  • MSRP: $22.99 (approx.)
  • Made in Japan

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