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Profile Race Cranks

Profile Racing Inc.

United States

Profile Racing 3-Piece Chromoly Race Crankset (RHD)

  • The standard by which all other cranks are measured
  • Designed to make a more rigid crank that would create a better weight to strength ratio
  • Manufactured through a rotary swaging process, which allows for a stronger (and more stiff) tubular section with optimization on weight savings
  • Includes everything you need to run Profile cranks except the bottom bracket (which is sold separately)
  • The RHD crankset includes crank arms, spindle, crank bolts, flush washers, sprocket bolt, crank tool, and Allen wrench - details immediately below
  • Left and right 4130 tubular chromoly crank arms - sprocket boss on right arm
  • 19mm diameter gun-drilled hollow (GDH) heat-treated 4130 chromoly 48-spline spindle
  • GDH spindles were first available in 2008 (Source: Transworld RIDE, Mar. '08, p. 101)
  • CrMo GDH crank bolts (12x1.25mm)
  • Aluminum flush washers
  • CrMo sprocket bolt (3/8"x24tpi) - Originally with a 7mm Allen wrench hole (and included a 7mm Allen wrench), but later changed to a 6mm Allen wrench hole
  • Crank installation/removal tool (for 19mm GDH spindles) - not compatible with older solid 19mm Profile spindles
  • Bottom bracket sold separately
  • Right hand crank arm has sprocket boss
  • Intended for use with a bolt-on sprocket/spider, but also compatible with a Spline Drive sprocket/spider
  • Titanium upgrades available for spindle, spindle bolts, and sprocket bolt
  • Arm lengths: 145mm, 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm, 177mm, 180mm, 182mm, 185mm, 190mm
  • Spindle lengths: 5.625" (5-5/8"), 6.0", 6.875" (6-7/8"), 5.25" (5-1/4")
  • Arm colors (standard options): black, chrome, white, raw - as of 2014
  • Profile introduced non-standard color options beginning in 2007 - white, purple, and bass boat green were now offered
  • Limited edition arm colors: sparkle gold, sparkle blue, sparkle black (w/ gold fleck), sparkle red, sparkle lime, matte black, matte blue, matte purple, matte teal, mint green
  • Sparkle gold arms were rereleased on 12/7/2010 (RHD 175mm only) - gold arms were first released in 2002 (approx.) and were the third color option available, following black and chrome
  • Sparkle red arms available on 12/30/2011 (RHD 175mm only) - sold as individual arm sets or GDH kits
  • Matte black arms available on 11/30/2012 (RHD 175mm only) - sold as individual arm sets or GDH kits
  • Sparkle blue arms available on 1/25/2013 - only sold w/ a GDH spindle and RHD 175mm arms
  • MSRP: $166.99 USD (base price), $180.99 USD (base price) w/ limited edition color arms - per Profile website (August 2014)
  • GDH titanium spindle upgrade: +$78.00 USD (above the base price)
  • GDH titanium spindle bolt upgrade: +$26.00 USD (above the base price)
  • Upgraded titanium sprocket bolt: +$12.00 USD (above the base price)
  • "Limited Lifetime Warranty" to the original purchaser - fill out warranty card and send it back to Profile
  • The warranty card will entitle the original purchaser to a lifetime warranty covering bending or breaking of either the crank arms or CrMo (steel) spindle (granted the damage has been done under normal riding conditions)
  • If Profile does not have your warranty card on file, your receipt can also be used as proof-of-purchase
  • Made in the U.S.A. (St. Petersburg, Florida)

Notes: RHD = right hand drive, GDH = gun drilled hollow, CrMo = 4130 chromoly, BB = bottom bracket

Guide for Selecting the Correct Length Spindle

  • 5.625" (for Mid, American, Spanish, and internal Euro BB's) - 5.625" = 5-5/8"
  • 6.0" (for 68mm & 73mm external Euro BB's)
  • 6.875" (for 83mm & 100mm Euro BB's) - not common for BMX bikes
  • 5.25" (for Track 68mm internal Euro BB's) - not common for BMX bikes

Crank Arm Weight (per RHD set) - Profile Racing, 8/17/2014

  • 145mm: 17.75 oz. (505g)
  • 160mm: 18.95 oz. (539g)
  • 165mm: 19.75 oz. (561g)
  • 170mm: 19.8 oz. (562g)
  • 175mm: 20.15 oz. (572g)
  • 177mm: 20.3 oz. (577g)
  • 180mm: 20.8 oz. (590g)
  • 182mm: 21 oz. (596g)
  • 185mm: 21.15 oz. (600g)
  • 190mm: 21.6 oz. (613g)

Spindle Weight - Profile Racing, 8/17/2014

  • 5.625" (5-5/8"): Chromo (8.6 oz. / 245g) - Titanium (5.5 oz. / 156g)
  • 6.0": Chromo (9.1 oz. / 259g) - Titanium: 163g/5.7oz
  • 6.875": Chromo (10.4 oz. / 296g)
  • 5.25": Chromo (8oz. / 227g) - Titanium (5.2 oz. / 148g)

About Profile Racing

  • The first set of Profile cranks were made in 1979
  • Offered the first 48-seration style spindle to the BMX market
  • As of this year (2011), Profile will surpass the 1,000,000 crank mark over 32 years

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