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Fit Inman Grips

  • Designed by Justin Inman
  • Basically Fit O.G. grips with a few changes - grip-wire groove, rib style pattern, flange graphics
  • Released in 2010 (approx.)
  • Available through 2014
  • Made for 7/8" diameter (Ø) handle bars
  • Diagonal coil wrap-around pattern to help with hand slip
  • Medium wide diameter
  • Medium to thick thickness
  • Classic grip feel
  • Soft krayton rubber
  • Slightly softer than ODI's
  • Mushroom style grip
  • Throttle grip prevention end cap
  • Grip-wire groove - so you can cut the flanges off
  • Northwest inspired graphics on flange
  • Matching Fit Bike Co. plastic bar plugs/ends included
  • Length: 140mm (5.5" long)
  • Diameter: 31.5mm (1.24" Ø)
  • Durometer: medium
  • Weight: 145g - per Source BMX
  • Colors: black, blue, dark red, red, white, gum (added 12/2/2011)
  • MSRP: $9.95 USD (approx.)
  • Made in Taiwan - like most of Fit's parts

My friend Nick Sawyers (the artist who illustrated Hucker's frame decals - recently bought a prototype 22" S&M bike off of Chris Moeller (S&M co-founder and owner); the grips on the bike were black Fit Inman grips that had the flanges removed.  Since Nick only uses grips that have flanges, he installed some new gum-colored Fit grips and gave me the used black Fit Inman grips.  My S&M Logo grips ( were bald and had been sliding around for a couple of weeks, so I gladly took the Inman grips -- and I'm glad that I did!  The Inman grips are pretty soft, have nice ribs that work well when your hands get wet or sweaty, and the relatively large diameter of the grips makes them comfortable and provides a bit more shock-resistance than your average grip.

What is Durometer?

  • A hardness scale, typically used to measure polymers, elastomers, and rubbers
  • The scale is between 0 (softest) and 100 (hardest)
  • For bike grips, 'soft' = 25-30, 'medium' = 30-35, and 'hard' = 35 and up

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