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Fit Blade II Fork

  • 100% 4Q Baked heat-treated 4130 chromoly
  • Reinforced extruded 1-pc machined steerer tube
  • Tapered fork legs - allow for larger tire sizes
  • Exclusive "Fit Flute" rust proof steerer tube
  • Ultra Tapered Legs
  • Double butted tapered Legs
  • Improved fork legs allow for larger tire sizes - 2.3" tire clearance
  • Improved Dropout with backside reliefs
  • CNC machined 5mm thick dropouts - provide additional grind clearance
  • Weight saving 3D dropout machining
  • Familiar blade geometry
  • When released, did not come with an integrated bearing race - you had to install your headset's fork race
  • Later (2013, approx.?) available with a built-in integrated crown race - compatible with Campy spec. (45°/45°) integrated headsets
  • Only compatible with integrated headsets - forks without the integrated race have a large diameter steerer tube near the fork crown and will not fit through most standard headsets
  • 3/8" (~10mm) axle slot
  • Laser etched alloy top compression cap for 6mm Allen key
  • Compression bolt: 10 x 1.25mm
  • Weight: 33 oz. - per Fit Bike Co. & Dan's Comp
  • Weight: 2 lb 1.6 oz (953 g) - per Vital BMX
  • Weight: 2.1 lb - per Empire BMX
  • Height: 315mm
  • Steerer tube length: 162.5mm
  • Bearing race: available with or without integrated race
  • Offset: 33mm - the 'traditional' amount of offset
  • Color options: matte black, matte white, chrome
  • Custom Colors: trans red, trans green, trans blue - custom made at Fit with trans paint over chrome
  • Released in early/mid-2011 (approx.)
  • MSRP: $114.99 USD (chrome or black)
  • Made in Taiwan (I think?)
  • Tested for about a year (in 2011/2012, approx.) by Van Homan, Brian Foster, Shawn Mcintosh, Justin Inman, Raul Ruiz, for park, street, trails, etc.
  • Used by Van Homan (Mar. 2013, Oct. 2013), Brian Foster (Mar. 2013, Jan. 2014), Shawn Mcintosh (Apr. 2012, Dec. 2012, Apr. 2013 w/ built-in race), Justin Inman (Jul. 2011, Jan. 2013), Raul Ruiz (May 2012) - per Bike Checks
  • Key words: Blade 2, Blade2, Blade II

Fit Blade II Fork Promo Video --

  • Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson

After I finalized a deal for a used 'raced one season' 2013 S&M Speedwagon frame (chrome, 21" TT, $449.99 USD MSRP), I started looking for a nice chrome fork.  I really wanted a made-in-USA chrome tapered S&M Pitchfork XLT fork (, but with a $149.99 USD MSRP, I started looking for a cheaper alternative.  These forks came up after I looked on eBay, so I did some research (I liked what I saw), and started looking for a discounted new fork (I ended up paying $67.99 USD shipped for a new chrome Blade 2 fork on 5/14/2014).

Summary of Several Reviews:

  • The Good: strong, looks clean, lightweight, reasonable price, 33mm offset, awesome if you run pegs, feels super solid
  • The Bad: the matte black paint scratches/chips easily, not made in the USA (made in Taiwan), the chrome turns goldish near welds (common with most new chrome S&M frames/forks too)

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