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Fit 3pc


I don't know alot about these cranks. I bought them locally and they are aluminum. The are both left and right drive compatable. I don't see many around.

Submitted by thand72

  • Posted 2014-02-15
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    If anyone has any more info let us know. wink

    I have a set of these in black and would also like more info

    They were a very short run in 2000 or 2001 and were made by Primo...essentially Powerbites stamped with the Fit logo. They were made right when Fit started producing complete bikes and came on the team models, hence being quite rare.

    I was told that this might be as much as I find out about them as S&M did a horrible job of archiving past products and generally ask the public for information, graphics etc. when they want to repop something.

    Great information. Thanks for digging for it. These started out black and were in decent condition, but I wanted silver or polished so I stripped the anno and polished these.

    these look great polished. I have a black pair in worn [but not abused] condition that cam on a complete FBM Capone I picked up. broke a BB bearing so i'm gonna hang 'em up for a while