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1976 Redline Squareback


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They made 637 first generation (1974/75) Squarebacks. Production started in Novemeber 1974 and they were the same bikes but they only built around 150 in the first two months including 3 Looptail Redlines by the end of 1974, Serial number 760 would be a late 1975, the latest 1974 would be around serial number 250-260

Some of the differences between the 1974/75 and the 1976 Squarebacks besides the obvious gusset change is the 1974/75 has a 16 1/2" top tube as opposed to the 18 1/2" of the 1976, also the chain stays on 1974/75 were miter cut and welded but the chain stays on the 76 were mandrel bent, the 1976 was also raked out a little more than the 1974/75 and the 1976 had a little more ground clearance under the bottom bracket.

The chain stay difference made manufacturing them easier and they were able to build around 4000-4500 second generation (1976) Squarebacks as opposed to the 637 first generation built between November 1974 and late 1975

The first Squareback frames had a price of $85 and the first Redline forks had a price tag of $35 which was insanely high for the time since a new Stingray Krate in 1973 cost $139 and was one of if not the highest priced kids bike of the time.
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    Nice! Good info. I'm trying to decipher an early to mid 80's redline. Someone changed the decals in the mid-late 80's. It is a white bike the serial #'s are RD 02709 ... If you have any info it would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the serial numbers to.  Had a 1990 or 91 proline the only number on it was.  405
       My other proline serial number is
    Wk9k00034  b134-7. I'm thinking it's a 1999
      Both upper and bottem drop outs are sq.