BMX Reference / Stems / Redline Threadless 6 Bolt Stem


What year bikes used this stem?  I found a redline buried in a back yard I was cleaning, and the owners said I could have it,  it was chrome, dont know if it was alum, or ??? it was so light.  it had a one piece crank with an bubble style chainring,  not the iron head crank.  And 14 mm axles, all RL, stamped on dropouts, post, bars, like this stem,  the best bike I ever had, rode and ???? borrowed 20 bucks from my dad,  gave bike for colateral,  forgot about it for awhile, and dad has since passed,  and dont know what ever happened to that bike,  anyone know which bike I had please let me know.  I want another.  I think it was even 21"  frame.  sad