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To better serve the community.

We have developed a custom BMX Classified Section.

First of all you have to have registered for an account already: 

REGISTER for bmxmuseum account.

Which you can fully participate in for a $20.00/year

This Includes access to the:

 For Sale, Want To Buy, Pay It Forward & Pro Member Forums.

As of Dec 2014 also includes access to the Sold items.

Membership also includes a sticker pack of BMXMuseum stickers, eventually.

Your Membership also provides:

  • A bigger PM Inbox (750)
  • Live Chat
  • Larger Signature 
  • Get to directly Upload Pics from your Phone/PC in which the Museum will Host
  • Images in your Signature, We prefer rectangular & reasonable, 830 by 100 or Smaller 
  • Bigger avatar 160 by 160
  • paid site supporter badge on your Posts & Profile
  • Ability to edit/update your Forum Posts

Your support also goes towards the Development of new Features, 

as well as upkeep on the Server to keep the Site fast & bug-free. 

To be clear, we do send reminders once your year is almost finished, there is NO auto payments. 

You have to manually pay each year, and pro membership goes for one year from date of payment.

Thanks in advance for your Support! GAry

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