Old School BMX Sites

Airtight, extreme Scotland!
BMX Non Stop
Another site dedicated to OLD school bmx.
bmx racing news, and alot more..
CW/Revcore info page
This is a good list of the CW and Revcore bicycle models.
HUTCH Heaven
A page dedicated to all things HUTCH.
Jamie's Unofficial Kuwahara Old School BMX Website
A great site dedicated to Kuwahara bmx bikes.
This company makes high quality reproductions of old bikes, and awesome new bikes too. Check out the custom colors!! and sizes
OLDSCHOOLBMX from Netherlands
A dutch Site, dedicated to BMX
Another great bmx site. Pictures, message boards and more!!
Another great bmx site. They have lots of pictures and a good forum to exchange bmx pleasantries., Check em out.
www.os-db.net, If you're into old school Diamond B
www.os-db.net, old school Diamond Back reference Diamond Back reference charting the history between 1977 to 1986, including detailed model information and a supporting forum

Bicycling Advocates

For organizations that support cycling.

Bicycle Film Festival
The Fifth Annual Bicycle Film Festival 2005 in NYC, LA, London, San Francisco, and Tokyo, and as part of RESFEST Seoul and all our parties were a lot of fun. We sold out or filled the house at most of our events this year. There is definitely something going on here
BMX Park and trail safety, thanx Emily
Some good info here
CHUNK 666.
These pages were put up to provide some context for those curious about C.H.U.N.K. 666. We are a mutant bicycle jaunting club and tallbike youth brigade with members in Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York.
Critical Mass.org
The ".org" domain notwithstanding, Critical Mass is not an organization, it's an unorganized coincidence. It's a movement ... of bicycles, in the streets. Accordingly, this isn't the official Critical Mass web page, because there is no official Critical Mass web page. There are, however, a bunch of unofficial web pages.
Critical Mass is a monthly bicycle ride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists' right to the road. The idea started in San Francisco in September 1992 and quickly spread to nearly 400 cities all over the world. This site attempts to be the most complete guide to local Critical Mass rides around the globe.
omprehensive BMX-related website of Links Listings and BMX Information Sources.... Genesbmx.com is now into it's 10th year! "1997-2006" and is Leading the BMX community in to its full bmxing potential.
Hoffman Sports Association
As the name implies, Its Matt Hoffmans company!. The Condor RULES!!!
North Idaho BMX
Portland Critical Mass page
Welcome to the Portland Critical Mass website. You can now read about past rides, scratch your head over summaries of recent discussions with the police (under News), join or start a discussion on the Forum, and find other Critical Mass and bicycling resources under Links.
Red Light GO
Bike racing in NY city streets
Science-Directory.net / Museums
Museums Web Directory
Shift to bikes, bringing people together for bike
A fun site, and hub of cycling info.
Description: sportsbook
The BMX Riders Organization (BRO)
The BMX Riders Organization (BRO) is a broad-based group of riders from the various disciplines of BMX. BMX freestyle is not only a valid sport, but an art form. Our goal is to protect, preserve and promote our sport and form of expression. We work to encourage awareness of the legal and social issues surrounding the sport, and to provide a voice for its participants. We also work to foster a sense of community between BMX Riders, the public and athletes of similar sports, such as skateboarding. BRO is non-hierarchical and anyone, anywhere is welcome to start a local chapter. The founders request to be kept informed about local happenings and provide a website and message board to foster communication between groups. BRO does: * Advocate for public riding areas for BMX. * Lobby private facilities to offer the same services to BMX that they do to other sports. * Try to counteract anti-BMX prejudice wherever it is found. BRO does not:* Sponsor riders.* Profit from BMX in any way.
A group that gets together and coasts their bikes down from the Zoo. Not to mention police harrasment from the pdx boys in blue.

BMX Magazines

A place to link old and current bmx media stuff

Been around a long time..
BMXtra Online Magazine
Site under progress.
A webpage and a magazine? Somewhere inbetween.
Another very good bmx magazine
Underground BMX literature.
An interesting magazine, I prefer the british version for bigger pics and better info.

Helpful Info

bmx safety in parks and on trails, thx Emily!
good resource for some bmx info

International BMX stuff

For bmx links from around the world

23mag, bmx fun from France
23 mag, tons of great bmx info, from around the world!!
Arthur Matisons 7x euro bmx champion
A #1 rider
Bike crew from Belgium
Bike info from belgium
BMX racing from Latvia
Bike racing from Latvia, also in english
Cooperscycles UK
Coopers Cycles. Portsmouth and Southsea's BMX & cycle specialists, established for over 34 years. We specialise in BMX and can supply all the latest bikes and components from any manufacturer. Coopers is now a rider owned company, run by Keith Cowans, Southsea's BMX genius. Located towards the end of Cosham high street, the shop is yards away from the M27.
JJR BMX from Belgium
Neat bikes, a great Hutch collection
KeMo.be from Belgium
Vital bmx an online bmx community
www.reddivision.tk its the site just about the Cru
Hi There, I´m JC Pedrero from Spain/Europe, and www.reddivision.tk its the rare site just about the Cruisers world. Cheers

BMX Manufacturers

DK Bicycles
DK Stickers for FREE. Send a S.A.S.E. (envelope and stamp) to: DK BIKES Attn: I want free stickers 201 Shotwell Dr. Franklin, OH 45005
Firemans Texas Cruisers
Firemans Texas Cruzer was born in an Austin garage in June 1998. A return to the days of 26" BMX, the idea quickly went from a napkin drawing to a locally welded frame. The prototype was tested during that summer, and later that fall reached production as a frame and fork.
HRP Designs custom number plates
A few years back, being a graphic designer by trade, I was making number plates for myself, when everybody started telling me to sell them. So, "HRPdesigns Custom BMX Number Plates" was born in late 2003. It helps to pay for my racing and bike parts, and that is all I could hope for.
S&M Bikes!
Chris Moeller BMX experiment
Staats Bikes
Steve Staats started designing frames in 1995 with the mere intention of building a stronger, lighter frame for his own two sons, Ryan and Alex Staats. The rest, as they say, is history. STAATS BICYCLES was born!
Standard Bykes
Rick Moliterno's company, some of the finest bikes out there!
Still making great bikes, and some special projects like Nomorea, Azusa and others.
UFO Bikes
Aluminum frames with dual down tubes, very cool.

Friends of the BmxMuseum

Antdog's Shop in NJ
BMX Action Online
Greg Hill and Bob Osborn together for a great site about old and new school BMX!
where I try to go through each trick step by step to help a user learn them.
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