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2022 Haro SD V3

#1 2022-09-16 7:38am

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2022 Haro SD V3

2022 Haro SD V3

Third version of the Haro SD frame

I was looking to build up a new bike, and it just made sense to support Dennis.  I have never really gravitated towards Haro, but this version of the SD frame looked good and the fit/finish is better than I expected.  It was purchased, along with the fork, from the Haro Showroom in Vista, CA.  The guys that work there were really cool and it's close to one of my favorite breweries Local Roots Kombucha.
Just a note to anyone who is buying this frame:  Haro lists the rear end specs as 13.25" slammed.  On the frame I have, it slams at 13.45"Frame: Haro SDV3 21"
Fork: Haro SDV3
Bars: Fit Jordan Hango 8.85"
Stem: Fit BF 48mm
Headset: Odyssey
Seat: Fit Barstool
Post: Sunday
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt 175mm   
Sprocket: Fit 26t
BB: Odyssey
Pedals: Haro SD
Chain: KMC
Front wheel: GSport Rib Cage laced to Odyssey Vandero Pro hub
Rear wheel: GSport Rib Cage laced to GSport Roloway cassette hub 9t
Front tire: Haro La Mesa 2.40
Rear tire: Odyssey Path Pro 2.25
Brakes: Eclat Talon
Lever: Odyssey Medium lever

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