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1993 Robinson Amtrac

#1 2021-10-18 8:03am

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1993 Robinson Amtrac

1993 Robinson Amtrac

Picked this up a few months ago and the forum helped me identify it.  Also thanks to JMorello and Angelo01033 for helping me identify the bars!  I thought they were 1st gen Haro kneesavers and thought it would be weird for freestyle bars on race Bike so I Was going to sell them and wait for Robinson Pro bars but they informed me that they are actually a hard to find 88 Group 1 Race kneesaver!  Figure it’s got history with the bike so keep Em together.  Sugino Gt cranks, TNT pro stem.  Going to be a fun build!  I know the decals are wrong year but they are hard to find!

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#2 2022-05-25 2:24am

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Re: 1993 Robinson Amtrac

That rear looks long, cool!

That chit will buff out



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