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The Best of BMX Restoration

#126 2021-01-26 10:57am

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Re: The Best of BMX Restoration

Ive a set of Mags..not sure what to do. They came on a custom stretch..chopper bike..but after looking at them realized these where kinda important. Thing is the old guy that I bought them from sprayed them with silver paint to hide some black spots...So..trying to figure out best way to remove paint without damage to rims. Oh, by the way. Their AUTO MAG I....NOT II.. 1..PATENT PENDING...any advice appreciated



#127 2021-01-29 7:26pm

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Re: The Best of BMX Restoration

You can use paint stripper without damaging  them. Then you might have to lightly sand them. Then bleach them to get the black spots out.
Make sure to protect any metal parts with Vaseline to stop corrosion  from the bleach.

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Re: The Best of BMX Restoration


Looking for :

  * NOS  Tuf Neck power disc & chain ring in GOLD  ...  * NOS chrome MX 1000 brakes  ...  * ACS Z-rim hoops/wheels in pink "Woody Itson" signature model …  * NOS/Mint Shimano DX pedals in Red or Blue ... * NOS/Mint Suntour XC-II pedals  9/16 ... * NOS / Mint Sugino 40 or 42 chain ring chrome  ... 



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