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1982 Trackmaster Phantom 24

#1 2020-11-08 7:59am

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1982 Trackmaster Phantom 24

1982 Trackmaster Phantom 24

Floval, round and square tubing on the same frame.

I would describe it as a late 1982 bike with 100% original finish components. The seat tube decals are new, cut vinyl. The frameset has been through a lot (the canti brake mounts were cut off in the early 80’s) but it's a solid survivor and I have detailed provenance of this frame/fork/bb/seat post. A bike with real Michigan BMX racing history.
* FRAME:  Trackmaster Phantom 24”
* FORK:  Trackmaster
* HEADSET:  Tange with original B.S. Dirt Skirt
* HANDLEBARS:  Race Inc.
* GRIPS:  Oakley II
* RIMS:  Araya 7X
* SPOKES:  .080 Stainless
* HUBS:  Son-Lite Turbo
* TIRES:  IRC Racer X-1
* SEAT:  Kashimax MX
* SEAT POST:  Trackmaster
* BOTTOM BRACKET:  Campagnolo/Trackmaster
* CHAIN:  D.I.D.
* FREEWHEEL:  Suntour 18T
* CRANKSET:  Campagnolo Strada
* CHAIN RING:  Campagnolo 42T
* PEDALS:  Shimano DX
* BRAKE CALIPER:  Dia-Compe 610 center pull
* BRAKE PADS:  Kool Stop
* BRAKE LEVER:  Shimano DX
* PADS:  Cal Lite frame / Flite stem and bar
* PLATE:  Hot Plate

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#2 2020-11-08 9:56pm

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Re: 1982 Trackmaster Phantom 24

Awesome looking cruiser and a rare one at that.

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#3 2020-11-09 8:33pm

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Re: 1982 Trackmaster Phantom 24

Great bike.... :P

83 was the year....



#4 2020-11-10 2:49am

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Re: 1982 Trackmaster Phantom 24


Shows my ignorance but I didn’t know we had canti brakes in the early eighties. I thinks it’s awesome, I just don’t remember it.

WTB - Race Inc Centerline Fork with OG finish Gold Paint and OG Decals



#5 2020-11-11 6:08pm

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Re: 1982 Trackmaster Phantom 24

Absolute Trackmaster Radness!! Love it

I'm gonna chalk this up as my favorite submission for 2020...thanks

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Need a gold Suzue high flange rear hub in really good condition

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