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Dk Talk

#2051 2020-06-05 5:12am

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Re: Dk Talk

Orangecrate wrote:

I see on DK’s website that they have 24” General Lee that’ll be available for the 2021 model year. Looks cool

And in Blue. I think I am going to buy one. Just need to decide on the size.



#2052 2020-06-09 12:01pm

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Re: Dk Talk

Just picked this up as a "rental" for my Thursday night rides... local and inexpensive. 2007 Dayton.

Still learning...



#2053 2020-06-09 12:04pm

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Re: Dk Talk

^^Nice pick up^^. I was gonna message the guy if it was still available this evening. Looks pretty cool



#2054 2020-06-09 12:15pm

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Re: Dk Talk

happyshark wrote:

perront wrote:

Check out this out of the box assembly I did for a client.  This bike is badass! … 9d634.jpeg

Really bad ass

The owner is in his 50s and no experience riding 24” BMX bikes.  Before I built it, I told him that it would’ve very different from any hybrid, road, or MTB that he may be accustomed to riding, and that he should be aware of its nimbleness, responsiveness, and potential squirreliness.  He called me out of the blue yesterday, explained how he has been riding it lately, and said that he loves and is getting used to it!  I feel so happy for him!  Oops — wrong thread!

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#2055 2020-07-24 7:53am

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Re: Dk Talk

MAIL CALL! here a couple things I got in the mail wink

Looking For Dk passport or 97 gl frame



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