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1988 Haro Master

#1 2020-05-23 3:39pm

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1988 Haro Master

1988 Haro Master

Childhood Grail - SOLD 2022

Worked out an in-person trade with a great Museum member for this.  I made a few changes but it was really well preserved.  The Peregrine cranks, Team disc, Kneesaver bars and Super Pro chrome 48s make this very close to what a Coral Team model would have looked like.  It’s in mostly survivor condition with a few exceptions.  I repainted and decaled the Kneesaver bars, added missing fork decals and replaced two of the badly faded decals.  Parts-wise I installed reissue HPF 2.0 tires, switched to white Dia Compe pads and vintage white Dominator because it's GOTTA have a white hat and I'm a stickler for details.  It's got a few chips and scrapes here and there but overall a super well-preserved survivor
Frame / fork / post: Original finish frame, forks repainted.  C4 replacement top tube decal
Bars: 1st gen Haro Kneesaver (C4 decals)
Grips: ODI Mushrooms
Seat: Viscount Dominator (vintage)
Clamp: Peregrine (original)
Stem: Group 1 (original)
Cranks: 2nd Gen Peregrine
Chainwheel: Haro Team (vintage)
Chain: Original
Pedals: MKS Grafight X
Wheels: Peregrine Super Pro chrome 48s
Tires: Haro HPF  2.0 (reissue)
Brakes: Nippon front and AD-990 rear (original)
Levers: Dia Compe SS-5

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#2 2020-05-24 12:38am

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Re: 1988 Haro Master

:cool::cool::cool: love coral

This Post is .........."CHUCK NORRIS APPROVED"      [img][/img]   "The Quintessential 80,s Action man"



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