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What's up with your crazy screen-name???

#226 2019-03-07 9:08pm

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Re: What's up with your crazy screen-name???

Kurt_Rad wrote:

Kurt_Rad wrote:

I'd explain mine...but it'd blow your mind...

Still true 6 years later


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#227 2019-03-07 9:13pm

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Re: What's up with your crazy screen-name???

FatGuy wrote:

I'm fat.


I used to do drugs.I still do but I used to,too



#228 2020-03-30 2:28pm

Gylles Smyth
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Re: What's up with your crazy screen-name???

Years ago, my younger brother, who is considerably more tech-savvy than I, told me about this new thing called "Myspace" and suggested that he could set up a page to host my music. When the page was nearing completion, he asked me what name I planned to use for my next musical endeavor.

I think we kicked around a couple of ideas, one of which was my middle and last name, but spelled using "y" in place of "i" similar to Synyster Gates from the band Avenged Sevenfold. I figured he knew that I was just kidding, but sure enough he put that name on it. Before I knew it, I was up over 15K hits and he told me we'd have to start all over if I wanted to change the name, so ... Gylles Smyth it remained and has ever since.

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#229 2020-03-30 3:18pm

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Re: What's up with your crazy screen-name???


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Re: What's up with your crazy screen-name???

I got mine from Tyrone Biggums. He drank a can of red balls screamed out Shazam and broke through the prison wall. So I ended up signing up as Shazambmx.....tongue

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#231 2020-03-30 4:36pm

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Re: What's up with your crazy screen-name???


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#232 2020-03-30 4:46pm

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Re: What's up with your crazy screen-name???

When I was a little younger I spent a lot of time on the tip of a vintage surfboard hanging 10. Ten Toes Over.

I still surf and occasionally compete in longboard surfing contests. At my age they put me in with all the old (and newer) school greats, so sometimes I get to be out with guys like Skip Frye or Wingnut or Joel Tudor with 2 other skilled guys at Pleasure Point, surfing basically alone for 40 minutes.

I surf with the Coldwater Surf Club, we are members of the Coalition of surf clubs, although we are often the smallest club.

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#233 2020-04-12 9:44am

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Re: What's up with your crazy screen-name???

spsracer wrote:

Holy thread resurrection!

Sps means saturn (car) performance specialists. And racer means racer duh. And the 1 is just added from my spsracer screen name I lost password to due to closing email account years ago so I had to get new screen name. At one point in 1995 maybe I had a automatic saturn station wagon running 12.5@108 on the street consistent every time. Sounds average by today's standards but think back to 1995. Had 3 Saturn's at same time all running 120 shot of nitrous.  And the spsracer eBay account Is my ex. Been locked out of that one since 2012


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