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#1051 2019-08-28 7:51am

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Re: Post your rarest piece

CHAMPION-26 wrote:

This Definitely Qualifies As Rare...big_smile
1975 AAA Rascal ( Original Red Ano ).
For those who dont know...
Made by Bill Bastian before he went to Race Inc. These were the the 1st Alluminum Race Frames Ever made and this pre dates Race Inc, SE, FMF, Cycle Pro, and Laguna Alluminum Frames.
Cutting Edge and way ahead of their time.
In 1975 they were still racing Schwinns big_smile
Imagine being lined up at the starting line on your Stingray at your local BMX Track ( Because they obviously didn't have Starting Gates back then) and looking over and seeing this Beast next to you. lol … da34a7.jpg … da3f7f.jpg … da478b.jpg





#1052 2019-08-28 1:58pm

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Re: Post your rarest piece

Not super old, but Ive never seen another set

Also this guy. Embroidered DK pad

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#1053 2019-09-23 4:57pm

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Re: Post your rarest piece

Photosuckit should be burned to the ground. Almost 95% of the awesome pics in this thread are gone! mad




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