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#151 2013-02-05 12:49am

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Re: pic's from BITD!! Post em !!

Sweet pics love seeing the old cars etc in background and wacky 80's fashion lol

Will scan som of my old pics soon this thread is awesome !

I collect/hoard/fix/buy/sell BMX bikes , vintage road bikes , cruisers , mtb , bikes in general ....
Also do the same with old school chevys and classic cars/trucks



#152 2013-02-27 12:04pm

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Re: pic's from BITD!! Post em !!

Around 1980-1983 if I had to guess....I think it's a Murray!



#153 2013-02-27 1:28pm

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Re: pic's from BITD!! Post em !!

Hawaii circa are taken from my photo album with a new camera recently. I will get the actual pictures remastered and digitized one day soon.
Me, Murry Cho, Thomas Kahuupu, Frank, Brian Jeters, Miki and Moki Fernandez. The two pictures of the factory team chrome proline are of me at the Skyway Nationals in Fremont Ca. 1981.




#154 2013-02-27 3:50pm

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Re: pic's from BITD!! Post em !!




#155 2013-02-27 6:17pm

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Re: pic's from BITD!! Post em !!

Very nice pictures!!



#156 2013-02-28 3:47pm

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Re: pic's from BITD!! Post em !!

krankyankee wrote:

Heres some, got plenty more that I need to scan. … ford84.jpg
Thats Guilford CT in '84 I'm #59 (of course) … able84.jpg
me and my '83 Robinson over the table in my backyard in '84 … nds001.jpg
"84 NBL Grands, the Avalanche, Bubba Hayes in 17X moto action.

I just realized that #5 in the Guilford pic is a good friend of mine.  We were on the same bike shop team (my parents shop with help from Powerlite)

Very cool shot.


WANTED: ZERONINE/CW 24" fork.  Any condition



#157 2013-07-02 1:30am

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Re: pic's from BITD!! Post em !!

RoadRunner wrote:

GTLover wrote:

Here I am locked in a death battle for a moon pie!!!!! circa '88 or sog

Love the Swatchwatch.  smile

You mean Swatch(s). I see 4 in the pic.
I recall riding with two of them on the same wrist bitd. :-)



#158 2013-07-02 5:09pm

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Re: pic's from BITD!! Post em !!

My turn

78 on my Gary LittleJHohn, at one of my very first races. Don't be fooled by the distance of the racers behind me...I knocked them down at the first berm. lol

78, on my Gary LittleJohn, doing a cross-up.

78 or 79, on my DG Racer, doing almost a reverse-table-top or turn-down-table-top or...


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I am not of this world ----- 1978 GLJ 1979 DG Racer ----  WWG1WGA



#159 2019-09-21 9:45pm

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Re: pic's from BITD!! Post em !!

In 1983 I lived on Lamar Ave. in that special place called Rockford, IL.  I was 9 years old.  Mark Melton was one of the biggest influences of my life.  At the time Lamar Ave. dead ended into a dirt path on it’s south side, a half block down that dirt path was Mark’s backyard track.  I showed up on my 16” Rampar.  His friends made fun of me, he was nothing but encouraging and awesome. 

  Only lived there for a year. Most influential year of my young life. Progressed to a used 20” Rampar there.  Got sick as all hell by some older kids giving me red man chew that I ate like bubble gum. Lost my 2 front baby teeth there, cased it hard on the double off the start if I remember, long ago.

  From 7 to 23 riding was the best thing in my life.  That backyard track was the seed of it all.  To this day I still have a 24” Quad and rock a SE Jersey.

  Thanks Mark!



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