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#1 2019-09-18 9:10am

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1975 Peugeot Super Competition

1975 Peugeot Super Competition

Its the first one like it found so far. A 75 Matthews ms-1 frame set with original peugeot stickers

It has a californian bike registration decal from 85 over a spray paint that looks easily 10 years old. The peugeot decals look to be the og water float style ones. The spray jobs suuper light. Theres a few spots where its ctlracked off the decals and theyre sma cool yellow and black underneath. It says Super Competition up by the seat. It so cool!!! Has a motorcycle shock on it, lol. No girder fork tho unfortunately. Im restoring it a bit this week. The rims are og gold cmc ones. Stored in a basement since 85

I got lots of stuff, what you need? lol



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