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#26 2019-09-17 5:02pm

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Re: Headset always comes loose

houndog wrote:

Crashman wrote:

houndog wrote:

BUT, if it comes loose again I will inspect this more closely.  What are you getting at here?

Just spitballing, but isn't the inside of the spring supposed to grab the fork and the outside of the spring grab the adjuster?

The inside of the spring is supposed to grab the fork, inside the washer groove?  i'll ride more tomorrow and if it comes loose i'll tear it all apart and start from scratch.  Again, I appreciate it.

I never owned one, but if you look at the design it appears that the spring is supposed to be stationary to the fork and the outside is supposed to spin "tight wise".

Wanted: OPC shells for 6005 bearings (47mm)



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