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#476 2019-08-11 1:50pm

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Re: Retro's will they hold value

Indyjps wrote:

Retros are playing off that nostalgia,  so 10 years from now,  nostalgia of nostalgia ??  Dont think it will stand.


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#477 2019-08-24 7:02pm

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Re: Retro's will they hold value

I still think a dude in high school now will in 20 years look back at the 2010-2020 era and might consider many different bikes to have in their collection.  The retro's should at least be hard to find, which usually spells collectable.  Usually.  Their uncle might be riding a 26" SE or maybe their dad or big brother.  If we think about it, there's got to be alot of guys on here that have bikes in their collection now that they never wanted or knew existed in the 80's.  When these high schoolers get the bug later who knows what they might collect.

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