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#11276 2019-08-24 3:36pm

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Re: Say it in 4 words!

CanyonCrusher wrote:

Mothers doing pretty good
Thanks for asking Binman
But my luck continues
Lady in a Jeep
T-boned my truck earlier
Now my back hurts
Truck still drivable though
Bedside is caved in
And axle got hit
Sent me into fishtale
Almost hit stopped cars
But I recovered it
And avoided other cars
Jumping through insurance hoops
To fix my truck
Always a good time roll

Sorry to hear that
Sucks though that now
"Like a good neighbor" time of need
Becomes like worse enemy...



#11277 2019-09-09 10:05am

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Re: Say it in 4 words!

I hate poison ivy

Time machine wanted!



#11278 2019-09-09 10:47am

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Re: Say it in 4 words!

Agentxxiii wrote:

I hate poison ivy

I can top that . . .
Just now getting better
Four f'ing weeks later
from the Devil's disease
Hand, Foot and Mouth

First was flu symptoms
then painful little blisters
covered hands and feet
finally skin peeled off
of hands and feet
was spared the mouth
there's a very rare chance
by the sixth week
you can lose nails
they would grow back
but imagine the pain!
my finger's are crossed
that this doesn't happen

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