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#1 2019-05-12 8:18am

Undercover Poe
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1987 Hutch Wind Styler

1987 Hutch Wind Styler

NOS Frameset

This is my Wife’s BMX Build and our first Hutch Bike. I sourced a NOS frame from the sell earls stuff collection right here on the museum. The Bars are GT Pro Bars, which was the first part acquired for this build and turned out to be my wife’s favorite part. She said they reminded her of her youth, and are reminiscent of her pink huffy bars BITD. The rest of the parts were acquired from my friend, he knows how much I appreciate the Haro Group 1 stem, minty Skyway Tuff II mags, Peregrine chainring, Lee Chi brakes, Dia-Compe tech 6 levers, trick top seat and Odyssey seat post. A few smalls such as Haro headset, pink brake cables, and kool stop pads came from the planet and porchop. The only other part needed was seatpost clamp. I found an 87 Hutch Excel donut in Hutch pink on the Bay. The Hutch donut looks great on the build. I used some old parts to finish it off from the parts bin like GT pedals and Kenda K55’s in white. I think every part works really well on the finished product. My wife couldn’t be happier either about how it came together, how well it fit her and how well it rode.

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#2 2019-05-12 11:14am

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Re: 1987 Hutch Wind Styler

Yo! That bike is balzin’!!!

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#3 2019-08-16 10:44pm

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Re: 1987 Hutch Wind Styler

Badass bike bro

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#4 2020-02-14 4:12pm

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Re: 1987 Hutch Wind Styler




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