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#451 2019-07-13 2:25pm

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Re: 80s TOYS!

chromey wrote:

yardsaleman wrote:

chromey wrote:

Awesome condition Transformers. Congrats!

Thanks man I have been collecting them and Star Wars stuff longer the BMX lol

Yep. Me too. I started collecting Transformers (and related toys) way back in the 90s... I have WAY too many tucked away in a storage space. I should probably put them up on ebay someday. … f52ec2.jpg

cool ........check it out, I live with it daily
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#452 2019-07-13 3:16pm

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Re: 80s TOYS!

72ss454 wrote:

I like the single Schmitt Stix Sawblade wheel

Me to. Just wish I could find the other 3 I once owned.



#453 2019-07-13 3:41pm

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Re: 80s TOYS!

My 'Smokey' say's....."Remember folks, only you can prevent forest fires".
Love my 'Smokey, got him in 80/1 I think? He sits proudly alongside my Action Man 'Indian Brave and a jar of 'Mt Saint Helens' ash.

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