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#101 2019-07-04 7:43am

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Re: Thinking of selling out

Coming up with a Rationale for Why we Collect is to Explain to Others! In Our Minds there is Nothing to Explain-we WANT it. I'm a Possession Person as I Want the Possession and Not the Equivalent Amount of Cash Sitting in a Bank Acct. I Collect Diverse Stuff and that's what has kept Me from Getting Burnt Totally Out and Liquidating any of My Collections. Almost Everything has Appreciated in Value and is Desired by Others but I Don't Think in Terms of "It'll be Worth THIS Much" as I Plan on Keeping till I Can't Appreciate My Possessions Anymore!! yikes tongue



#102 2019-07-05 8:15am

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Re: Thinking of selling out

Keep your favorite riders, the ones that actually fit you.  Sell all the wall hangers and spare parts.

Im slowly doing the same,  keeping 1-24", 1-20"alum frame race bike  1-20" new school park bike.

Parts are to keep these alive, couple spare bars, parts to keep daughters race bikes alive and build next size up for them.


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