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#151 2019-05-23 6:08pm

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Re: New steel bikes?

Just FYI, SK is down to one last SX450 frame, Black XL frame size. On their website right now. Then the run will be sold out!

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#152 2019-05-24 6:09am

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Re: New steel bikes?

I just picked up, a frame and fork from them. I have been looking for a steel bike for some time. Excited to build it up



#153 2019-05-24 11:24am

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Re: New steel bikes?

I really dig the Speedwolf

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#154 2019-05-24 12:24pm

Gylles Smyth
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Re: New steel bikes?

Slight tangent, but I was disappointed to find out that the Holy Diver wasn't a race frame (that album, particularly the solos on "Rainbow in the Dark," "Stand Up and Shout," and "Don't Talk to Strangers," made me want to play guitar).  If it was at least set up for 3/8" axles and a Euro BB, I'd probably still pick one up to build ...

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