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What’s your favorite 80’s freestyle bike?  RSS Feed

#76 2018-12-12 8:13pm

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Re: What’s your favorite 80’s freestyle bike?

scottrides wrote:

perront wrote:

Top three is the best I can do.  Still have never ridden one, but I'd love to have one to stare at...

Had a black '88 that I rode quite a bit, but the '85s had all the rad colors.  No visual was sexier than the ad for the RL 20II combo! … 38126.jpeg

THE ad... … p;fit=clip

Yeah, I got a half chub looking at those ads lol

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#78 2018-12-12 8:23pm

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Re: What’s your favorite 80’s freestyle bike?

Hey did anyone say '87 Osborn Pro?

Of course they did!!!!

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#79 2018-12-12 9:19pm

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Re: What’s your favorite 80’s freestyle bike?

BMX_DNA wrote:

Hey did anyone say '87 Osborn Pro?

Of course they did!!!! … de9c20.jpg

Yessssir!!! cool

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#80 2019-05-18 10:23am

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Re: What’s your favorite 80’s freestyle bike?

86 day glo pink performer wish mine never got stolen but I have the 26 now



#81 2019-05-18 10:34am

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Re: What’s your favorite 80’s freestyle bike?

I can't say only one, three would be more accurate. In no order: Hutch Trick Star, SE Racing Quad freestyle and the 84 Redline Prostyler. Loved them all as a kid, owned none. At least I have a purple reign Trick Star in the stable now, the other two, probably never will own.

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#82 2019-05-18 10:41am

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Re: What’s your favorite 80’s freestyle bike?

Mongoose Decade. Infact, the only 80's bike I own for a reason.

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