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Why EVERYONE needs to stay away from BMX Facebook pages  RSS Feed

#326 2019-05-16 1:32pm

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Re: Why EVERYONE needs to stay away from BMX Facebook pages

It clearly says, "if you leave FB..YOU WILL LOOSE ALL YOUR FRIENDS".

Heres my profound, life changing statement.
Lifes a bitch..PASS ME A BEER.

They're reacting and that's wonderful. It's better than them sitting there doing nothing. I say make them react - do whatever's in your power to move the audience, and if that's where it is, and there where it is with America, sex and violence, then I say project it.



#327 2019-05-16 1:44pm

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Re: Why EVERYONE needs to stay away from BMX Facebook pages

Spintech wrote:

justlive wrote:

This thread got me thinking of a particular old school BMX FB page. There's a particular guy on there from the NY area that is constantly posting up scores, like daily. Along with his builds that he he thinks are the greatest ever but he also constantly reshares his posts dailyas if to show everyone what he has and that he's the greatest collector/builder on the planet. And the amount of grown men that kiss his arse is mind boggling. And thus guy just eats it up. And don't dare offer an opinion on one of his bikes because he'll then proceed to try and educate u on why you're wrong and how much better his stuff is compared to yours. Unreal roll
Oh well, happy days life is good tonguehmmwink

I'm pretty sure this is the same guy that pops up on my fb news stream everyday. Does his last name start with a W? lol

Yes. Billy Wright I believe. Can't verify for sure since he blocked me lol  But that's ok since he saved me the effort!

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