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How to remove swirl marks and scratches from chrome  RSS Feed

#101 2015-03-03 8:35pm

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Re: How to remove swirl marks and scratches from chrome

Marked -  Great info !!!

Too many cool bikes out there,  not enough money in my wallet ...



#102 2015-03-07 5:36am

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Re: How to remove swirl marks and scratches from chrome


Need wheels laced or trued and you live in the British Columbia Lower Mainland? Send me a PM.



#103 2015-04-19 8:53am

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Re: How to remove swirl marks and scratches from chrome


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#104 2015-04-24 5:57am

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Re: How to remove swirl marks and scratches from chrome

I would not use this method at all.  The material removed is chrome.  See below.

This question answer site about chrome and nickel finishes explains how delicate it is... he says millionths of an inch of chrome exists on top of the nickel.  Chrome has a blue-ish tint, while nickel has a yellow-ish hue.  If you see the yellow, you removed the chrome and exposed the nicke, which will allow rust to begin setting in.

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#105 2019-03-09 8:37pm

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Re: How to remove swirl marks and scratches from chrome

Has anyone tried this using a drill with a buffer attachment and had any luck? I’ve put a good few hours in now with varying compounds and varying drill speeds - with little to no gains... Wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if the drill is the issue



#106 2019-03-09 9:20pm

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Re: How to remove swirl marks and scratches from chrome

^ On chrome? Guessing your scratches are too deep. I've had great success with a drill and alloy.



#107 2020-02-10 6:33pm

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Re: How to remove swirl marks and scratches from chrome

wired wrote:

I just discovered this technique and figured it was beneficial enough to post as a standalone how to.  You can see these same steps in my Royce Union progress thread (

Here is a seat post that had some good wear and tear plus some zig zag marks I made when pulling it out. … 360_12.jpg

I took it to my soft buffing wheel with Ryobi grade H polishing rouge.  This is the final grade polishing compound in their line. … 360_53.jpg

After about 3 minutes I could see the marks starting to come off. … 360_52.jpg

After about ten minutes I had most of the marks completely gone. … 360_58.jpg

I was so floored by how well it worked I tried it on some brake cable rub marks on a frame.  Here is a before shot. … 360_07.jpg

After just a few minutes it looked like this. … 360_61.jpg

Edit (2011-11-21): if you look closely you will see the area of nickle I uncovered on the frame.  Although the scratches are gone I took off too much chrome.  Don't ruin your nice bike by not knowing when too stop.

If you try this and have success, post up your results here.

Where do you get the polishing wheel and will it go on a regular bench grinder?

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#108 2020-04-30 9:47am

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Re: How to remove swirl marks and scratches from chrome

Huffy Shredder is right my Father worked at MP&P (Mirror Polish and Plating) in Waterbury CT and they Chrome plated huge Rolls for rolling everything and anything (like film, food, metals, plastics etc..) I mean some like 75ft long and like ten ft high. I wanted my Free Agent (PRO?)chromed and polished cause I would see them polishing rolls,,, after chroming them they were extremely dull..They told me bikes are a decorative chrome which is super thin but goes on shiny, and the chrome they deal with is thick but goes on dull and is super hard to shine and the nooks and crannies would be extremely hard to shine, told I could try polishing my frame but it was so thin probably have to rechrome it if I wanted it done right. But hey, if there’s no other option I’d do it. Actually I’m gonna try it one a few parts, maybe even frames.

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