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>PRO-CLASSIC/PRO-STRIPS>>Replacement Rim Strips for OS PRO-CLASS Rims>

Replacement Rim Strips for Old School Mongoose Pro-Class Rims.

As of  9/20/2018 PRO-CLASSIC/PRO-STRIPS  have been upgraded again (4th gen) after many requests  and input from customers.

Pro-Classic/Pro-Strips now offered in a Triple layer process if requested. They start with a .010 thick Substrate, followed by the Color overlay and they are now finished off with a Heavy Duty Crystal Clear, Protectant, top layer that I call Diamond LOCK! It's UV stable, scratch resistant and VERY durable. This option IS A CUSTOM ORDER. As the material I use for this is very expensive it will be a $17 upgrade if requested.

They're Machine cut for a Precision fit, Thermally bonded and the end product is very user Friendly. They also include the proper  Valve Stem cut-outs. Installation is easy as 1..2..3 , and they look fantastic!

I'm my opinion, and from what others have personally told me, I believe that these strips are far superior to the originals. They really can't (or need to be) constructed much better than this.

Thanks to all for your continued support with the project and for sharing your requests with me. This has allowed me to produce a superb product for your Pro-Class rim restorations.


It's come to my attention over the years that about 2% of my customers have had issues with the channel in the rim being too narrow to accommodate my strips. Reason being is that when they originally made these Pro-Class Rims in the 80's they bought and drilled whatever they got there hands on/best deal on.  The majority of them being Araya 7X rims but I have seen at least 3 other brands of lesser quality also used.

Also as most of these parts from back in the day did not have the best quality control things varied widely from color AND fit/finish of the overall product.
This ONLY seems to be an issue with the standard and most common 20 X 1.75" rims. I have never had an issue with the 24" rims which use the same width. The 26, 20 X 1-1/8 and 20 X 1-3/8" all use a different width strip and I have not had any issues with those either.

The original strips that I myself have and use for templates for all 20 X 1.75" and 24" rims are 5/8" (although I have seen them vary as much as 1/16")  and from my experience the majority of the rims have a channel that's equally sized.

IF YOU CAN'T fit a piece of paper or other medium that is 5/8" in your Rim channel then these will NOT fit your application without YOU trimming them to YOUR proper rim channels width. SO PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE ORDERING. If needed I can drop the width down to 9/16" or even a 1/2". You must let me know in order to get you the best fit as you want these strips to fit as tight as possible.

Thank You for you orders and support,


Available in all original colors, RED, BLUE, GOLD , BLACK,  SILVER   AND ARCTIC GLOSS WHITE

Please Note** The Price Quotes below are for the SIX Stock Colors that they were originally issued in. ALL OTHER ORDERS ARE CONSIDERED CUSTOM AND COST $15 EXTRA. Other Colors, Designs that are not shown MAY be possible please contact me with your custom needs.

1 set of strips for  20 x 1-1/8" , 20 x 1-3/8", 20 x 1.75" ... $39.50 (within the U.S.) shipped. 24" & 26" wheels ....$44.50 (within the U.S.) shipped to your door. All U.S. orders ship via USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation. If you would like postal insurance please request it when ordering. If lost while in transit I will not be held responsible for uninsured parcels.

All international orders will ship via USPS First Class Mail International. Other shipping options that may be quicker and/or offer tracking and other services may be requested if needed but will be on your dime as they are expensive.
All international orders are $52.65 shipped (strips for 20" rims,) $57.65 (strips for 24 & 26" rims)

As soon as your order has been shipped I will PM you your tracking # (U.S. Orders Only). Once you receive your strips please leave feedback and let me know what you think wink

If interested please PM for PayPal info,
BIG thanks fly out to ALL Museum members for your interest and orders.



Pro-Premium Tints: HighPro-Gloss (non mirror) and Pro-Prismatics are now available on a custom order basis for an additional charge. Custom tints and prismatics now being offered are.....

Rebellious Ruby Red           Pro-Prismatics

Fools Gold                       Pro-Prismatics

Cosmic Copper               Pro-Prismatics   SilverStreak

Orange Crush                     Pro-Prismatics

Pussy Cat Pink                   Pro-Prismatics   
Fluorescent Flamingo Fluorescent

Radabolical Razzberry

Freestylin Fuchsia        Pro-Prismatics

Blazing Bronze                                                              

Metallic A Sunburst                                                                                                         

Holographic Rainbow                                                                            

Firestorm Opal                                                                

Bitchin Blue Ice                 Pro-Prismatics

Tropical Ocean Topaz  Pro-Prismatics

Back In Black Chrome        Pro-Prismatics

BadBoy Blue Sapphire           Pro-Prismatics

Tricked Out Tanzanite        Pro-Prismatics
Purple Haze                     Pro-Prismatics

Elite Emerald Green           Pro-Prismatics

Laser Lime Green             Pro-Prismatics

Totally Twizted Lemon   Pro-Prismatics

HighPro-Gloss (non mirror, high gloss) 

#1    * Super Sport Satin Silver*                    HighPro-Gloss #2     *24K TS Satin Gold*                                           
HighPro-Gloss #3 * Pearlescent White Whiplash*              HighPro-Gloss #4    *Turbo Boosted Teal*                         
HighPro-Gloss #5     *RadAss Royal Blue*                              HighPro-Gloss #6 *SuperBird Blue*
HighPro-Gloss #7 * PlumCrazy HEMI Purple*  HighPro-Gloss #8 *Magenta Madness*                                
HighPro-Gloss #9 * SuperBee Yellow*             HighPro-Gloss #10 *Dukes of.. Hazard Yellow *              
HighPro-Gloss #11 *Miami Vice Flamingo*           HighPro-Gloss #12 *Fluorescent Freaking Yellow*              
HighPro-Gloss #13 * CrayZ SE Blue *        HighPro-Gloss #14 * BubbleYum Pink *                                                                                                HighPro-Gloss #15 * FluorescentFlorida Orange * HighPro-Gloss #16 *Rally Sport Red *                               
HighPro-Gloss #17 * Doin The DEW Green * HighPro-Gloss #18 *Haroescent Green *

Pictures sent to me from Museum members

THIS SET TURNED OUT AMAZINGLY cool I sold these rims (next three pics below) to a Museum member and he did them very nicely. Matt gave them a super shiny, high polish, re-laced them with new spokes, nips, Suzue Sealed bearing hubs and a set of Blue Pro-Strips to top it all off. The rims listed below are the same ones that I have listed below with the ocean background and the gold strips....WELL DONE MATT wink they look beautiful!

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