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#2726 2019-02-12 5:40am

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Re: Let's see them RACE INC's

mxfan69 wrote:

FYI, rosie25 is selling a set of used repop RI pads in the for sale section here, for 20 bucks more than brand new ones cost from the same source ahaahhaha.

The “new” Race Inc Bmx web page has several colors and for 39 bucks a set. Rosie25’s set are from them but for 60 bucks ahahahaah.

Bmx, this is serious business ahahaha, unreal some folks.

Image from RI’s site; … b5beb6.png

From what I’ve seen, Rosie25 is an upstanding member here on the museum. I’m sure if they new about the pads being sold at that price then they would adjust theirs. I would have shot them a friendly PM to let them know myself instead of making them look like their gouging. But that’s just me.

It is better to sting with the truth than to comfort with a lie.



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