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#1 2019-01-03 11:55am

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Miami Hopper cross ups.

Back in 88, I learnt this variation of a MH. I want to describe it. Been done already, wanna try it?

Am a Brit, so my long reach MTB lever is on the right and level with bar end.

Hold r/h grip and lever from below.
Endo and turn bar anti clockwise.
Wrap your hand over bar end whilst gripping brake lever and your right hand will have spun bar 270 degrees to be in front of seat.
Whilst turning bar,your back wheel is starting to rotate naturally clockwise and your l/h bar end is going to the floor.

At touchdown you would have spun clockwise about 90 degrees, with your arm twisted whilst holding the balance.

And then pull out, reversing the bars. And into a tailwhip!

Eventually I learnt to not touchdown, so I could continue the bike rotation, holding bar at 90 degrees, arm twisted, left hand on seat.

360's, then 540's and finally 720's. But at that point my rim sidewall was grinding the floor slowing me down.

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