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#376 2018-02-27 4:44pm

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Re: complete WHEEL BUILDING instructions

ya'll wanna see a dead body?



#377 2018-03-04 6:12am

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Re: complete WHEEL BUILDING instructions

This is a great post. Thanks



#378 2018-03-04 10:52am

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Re: complete WHEEL BUILDING instructions

That's only my 4th set so far. Happy for any insight you may have.

There's no help for this Museum Junkie!



#379 2018-11-06 2:47pm

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Re: complete WHEEL BUILDING instructions

For all you Araya Aero people out there, just adding to the info, sorry if its' already here somewhere, haven't the time to search thru whole thread...
This is what worked for me -

20" Araya Aero's
Shimano DX High Flange Sealed Hubs (1983 i think?)
188mm Spokes
12mm nips
4 cross

Only thing i got wrong was not getting the hub stampings in line with valve hole, thought i had it sorted at the start but ended up at exactly 90 degrees offset, not the end of the world...



#380 2018-11-06 3:14pm

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Re: complete WHEEL BUILDING instructions

You’re fired.




#381 2018-11-09 1:44pm

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Re: complete WHEEL BUILDING instructions

Araya 7X 26”
Suntour Coaster brake
Laced 3X
262 MM

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#382 2018-11-09 5:20pm

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Re: complete WHEEL BUILDING instructions

Coco wrote:

I find the lacing method in this thread more difficult than what I do, but I've been lacing my own wheels for 20 years now. I do one side with every second spoke, then flip and repeat. Rotate spokes by turning the hub, and then finish lacing both sides and onto truing and tensioning. I only have to bend spokes into place on the last two steps.

I think it is great that a lot of you guys took the leap and tried lacing your own wheels. Once you do, you will always build your own wheels since it is very easy to do.

Good stuff lads and well done.

This sounds like what I do. But I taught myself and don't know if it's right. lol

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