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What attracted u to freestyle first? The bikes or the tricks?  RSS Feed

#51 2018-08-05 12:09am

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Re: What attracted u to freestyle first? The bikes or the tricks?

A shame all the old school mags are gone. The one thing I looked forward to especially during the winter months when I couldn't ride, was getting the new issue of Plus or Freestylin in the mail to see what was new and what was going on in other parts of the world.

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Re: What attracted u to freestyle first? The bikes or the tricks?

Like radovr said the tricks ,,,,,,,,,BITD we just didnt get the big name Freestyle brands down under and the magazines were generally a month behind ,,built our own ramPs out of stolen materials from building sites .............department store HUFFY for me with upgraded parts when things broke wink

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Re: What attracted u to freestyle first? The bikes or the tricks?

I had a bmx bike for as long as I can remember. I got my first one when I was 6 or seven and remember riding it on the dirt trails in the woods behind the corn fields. When we became poor again and move from the country back to the hood my friend gave me my "cool" bike. It was all about style in the hood. No trails to ride, only riding in style. For me, my bike was like some guys jordans. All chrome, nice parts, always kept it clean like a show car. Armoralld the tires, bling baby! Later when we moved to a nicer neighborhood I met my friend that taught me how to bunny hop and it was all about how far and how high I could jump and how fast I could go. I would go to stunt shows and watch a lot of xgames hoping to one day participate. I rode a lot at the local dirt jumps. Ripped open a lot of skin with a lot of scars. All because my dad got me my first black and chrome bmx when I was 5.

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