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#226 2017-11-20 1:14pm

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Re: The 10+ Faves bike thread...



#227 2017-11-20 1:20pm

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Re: The 10+ Faves bike thread...

This is my all time favorite, need-to-own, bike.  The Scorpion Breakdancer.....This picture is courtesy of user Quadpaul.

I will own one some day and never let it go.

Just an oldschool minitrucker and bmx kid doing what i do....
Proud "Klunker" hater.....

"...I wish there was a way to know you're in the good ol days...before you've actually left em..."      -Andy Bernard



#228 2017-11-23 3:09pm

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Re: The 10+ Faves bike thread...



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