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#1 2018-02-13 10:29pm

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REVCORE - Pro Cruiser

Revcore Pro Cruiser part out.

Prices are firm, if it doesn't sell, I'm happy to hang on to it (have a tonne of pics for anyone interested). 1 of 4 listed on the Museum.

Revcore Pro Cruiser frame, nice chrome, drop outs are presentable, new decals from Juan (will include the balance of the decals forks / hubs etc), OG Cali rego sticker. GT forks (no GT stamps) nice chrome, drop outs are sweet. Includes GT Epoch HS and I'll throw in the GT seat post (slight bend below insertion)

$450 shipped (add $10 EOTM)

If the above sells, I can offer the below:

Revcore stem - Tool marks rider facing edge on the top cap.


Revcore SPC - Near mint blue anno


Thanks for looking.

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#2 2018-02-13 10:37pm

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Re: REVCORE - Pro Cruiser


I don't sell to these members: ShaneHill.
Please be AWARE of this member !!
You know  "EXACTLY " what you did.
Just a waste of time.



#3 2018-02-13 11:39pm

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Re: REVCORE - Pro Cruiser

I will take the seat Clamp if you part it.

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#4 2018-02-14 5:01am

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Re: REVCORE - Pro Cruiser

I'll take the stem if/when the frame and fork sells.



#5 2018-02-14 5:17am

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Re: REVCORE - Pro Cruiser

Dibs on package per PM



#6 2018-02-14 5:38am

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Re: REVCORE - Pro Cruiser

Nice grab



#7 2018-02-14 6:45am

Green Griffin 420
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Re: REVCORE - Pro Cruiser

damn good deal on that stem.

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#8 2018-02-14 7:08am

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Re: REVCORE - Pro Cruiser

Great prices on ALL!

I LIVE for Race Inc, SE Racing, B.B. Racing, Navajo, and Nomura!!!

EVERYTHING BMX on the internet is  a RARE PROTOTYPE!!

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#9 2018-02-14 7:39am

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Re: REVCORE - Pro Cruiser

Damn!  Nice grab!

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#10 2018-02-24 11:00pm

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Re: REVCORE - Pro Cruiser

Just a crazy question.Who was the expert pr pro racer that rode for CW or Revcore at the time when this cruiser came out.My 1 big beef with Revcore was that cruiser geometry Sucked ASS.

I know a lot of you guys Rode the Pro pro XL and the XXL 20 inch version and it was a kick ass bike to ride.What happen in the cruiser form.I bought one put it together it was worse the the 1983 CW 24 inch cruiser that rode like a Brick.

Can some one tell me why go from a perfect Riding 20 inch that handled perfect junked perfect took a beating and had one of the best Chrome jobs around.But had a Sucky follow up in the 24 inch cruiser.S&M did fine in there Dirt bike Holmes and the widowmaker JMC 20 inch and 24 nice riding frame no drastic changes.Even Free Agent did wonderful on there 20 to 24 inch and no real difference.

I would of hated being on Revcore an have to race both classes 20 and 24 The 20 is perfect the 24 is all over the map.Sorry to belittle this frame But  it was a massive change up from the 20 inch stance to the 24



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