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#51 2018-02-14 4:12am

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Re: Chicagoland Craigslist Find!!!


I DONT want to turn this political but YES the murder rate in Chicago is the HIGHEST in the nation for 2017 so far yet the Democratic Liberal Chicago machine keeps screaming for more gun control. Really?? Hows gun control working for ya, Rahm Emanuel?? Taking guns from LAW ABIDING citizens doesnt stop the scumbag gangbangers from killing people with guns  AND disobeying the federal mandate against sanctuary cities to protect a bunch of scumbag illegal aliens living off the tax payers as Chicago does, is another money suck.

Though Springfield is our state capital, ALL the states politicians live in Chicago and the tax payers pay for their nonstop commute back and forth. Chicago is a money suck and it HAS and DOES cripple the rest of this state. FACT. (NON PARTISAN for the record. They are all guilty here).

you're an idiot. "I dont want to get political", gets political.

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