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#1 2018-01-14 8:33am

Travis Bickle
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Looping Out/Trails

I’m 5’7”, riding a 20.5 frame. I’ve lengthened my chain stay length recently yet, for some reason I’m still landing back-end heavy every time I ride trails, especially when I try to tuck for height. I’ve tried to correct this consciously while riding, but it’s still happening.

Do I need a longer top tube? I feel comfortable on my bike, but it feels twitchy in the air, almost sketchy.

Current frame is a Fit VH3. 74.5 HT, 13.75 CS, 11.7 BB & 20.5 TT.




#2 2018-01-29 10:13am

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Re: Looping Out/Trails

Bar height perhaps? If too high, steering will be twitchy and weight too far back.

When I got back on a bmx, I kept the bar low, for slower steering, then as I got more confident I raised it.



#3 2018-01-29 7:07pm

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Re: Looping Out/Trails

size is fine, its your technique that needs adjustment.  i force my front end down on steep doubles, this helps with landing smoother and keeping up speed.

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