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#101 2011-01-20 2:09am

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Re: Introducing Rad Rich's Bmx Time Warp

I've been to a fair few club shows of different types like vintage machinery, pedals cars, hot rods etc and not to mention old school bmx shows.

I have to say it beats the crap out of a bunch of bikes lined up with no imagination. Oh once in a while someone will put a jersy and helmet next to a bike...WOW big effort and soooo lame.

This is a one man show and it beats the crap out of the normal boring, I wish I was a kid again line up of most bmx shows.

Finally someone adds a bit of imagination and hardwork.

It's great and a great dream, I'm sure many people will get enjoyment out of seeing it and if you bring a bit of joy to peoples lives then it's all good.

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#102 2011-02-19 5:03am

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Re: Introducing Rad Rich's Bmx Time Warp

I have to thank all you guys for the complements and words of meaning .
As for the bikes I did sell all of them except the survivor fs1 mongoose . I still have the Trailer and would love to see it up and running again . I spent 2 years of my life on this museum and it was a blast . I did wanna tour around with it and school the younger generation about the old school bmx freestyle and then raceing as well down the road . I wnnted to fill the museum with posters and checkerd Vans shoes and tons of info on the riders , who they were and how this crazy Radical trend came to be it was a life style for my friends and I from back in the day . I even had thoughts on making all the wheels turn on the bikes How cool would have that of been . I wannted to put a Freestyle bike on each corner on the top of the trailer in a cool freestyle position spining around .


The Man Kept me down Everywhere i wannted to take the Museum like fairs and festivals they all wanned crazy money to bring it in .
I was only charging 1 Buck one dollar one paso you know 4 quarters and that pushed it over the edge for the places to let me in for free , I mean come on I would be bringing my show to there event and making it all that much better .  What the hell can you get for a BUCK these days ??????????.

I would say one of the best moment's was having a groupe of kids that came thru the museum Walking back by me at one of the fairs i did and the whole group said          GET RAD MAN  !!!!

It was small stuff like that witch made the whole project worth it .

The top was talking to Woddy Itson on the phone .. Super Cool Dude .

I would love to have this Dream carry on and still function .

I am open to any and all Ideas I would even concider putting this some place and setting it up for people to see .

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If that does not work SMASH it again !!

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#103 2011-02-19 12:46pm

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Re: Introducing Rad Rich's Bmx Time Warp

Hey Axel.. Good to hear from you..  Sorry your "RAD" idea hit snags along the way...   You're a class guy and good luck w/ whatever happends to the machine...  p



#104 2017-12-20 9:27pm

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Re: Introducing Rad Rich's Bmx Time Warp

I still love this thread...

My Father once spoke to me and said "The way you look at your bike is the way I see My children, I look past the imperfections and rough surfaces to the beauty of the finished product."



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