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1985 GJS freestyler resto & build  RSS Feed

#101 2017-10-24 11:55pm

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Re: 1985 GJS freestyler resto & build

**now for sale**



#102 2017-10-25 12:03am

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Re: 1985 GJS freestyler resto & build

I would love to get an 85! cool

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#103 2018-10-15 5:02pm

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Re: 1985 GJS freestyler resto & build

This thread is killing me. I had a 1985 GJS Freestyler with the square chain stays. It was factory two tone
lavender with the head gussets in pink. Without my knowing it my dad gave it away on me I the 90s. Other than tiresome being rotted it was in perfect condition.



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