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VG parts

Alright, so I know there was a bunch of fuss and threads on this 4 years ago or so.  VG apparently did a run of parts in 2012-2013, but I still am not sure what is what.  There's a bunch of parts currently on EBay that are being sold as "NOS" parts, and the packaging looks just like the 90's stuff to me.  One seller in particular is selling "bullet" valve caps, "chainlock" tensioners, and some brake cable hangers.

So is this stuff original from VG's BMX manufacturing, new re-issue parts made by VG in the last few years, or counterfeit parts being made by someone else????  What confuses me is that I've seen some of the parts VG was selling back in 2012, and they have a distinctly different package that clearly states "made in 2012".  These parts on EBay have packaging that looks identical (to my eyes) as the 90's parts.  I just can't see VG doing this. 

As a side note, I had seen these tensioners pop up in threads from over 4 years ago.  This was before VG officially started re-issuing parts.  One story I heard was that these were parts from VG's last run of parts before quitting the BMX parts business, and that they never went to distributors.  The fact that these tensioners were around before this whole "re-issue" thing happened makes me think they are the real deal. 

I bought a set of these tensioners in black last year and thought for sure they were original midschool parts.  Now I'm not so sure. Anyway.. if anyone knows anything, chime in.  I'll post some pics below.

Items being sold currently on EBay:

A re-issue VG part with "2012" on tag:

Known original NOS VG part:

My tensioners (bought in 2016):



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