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#1 2017-03-13 7:58pm

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Sale Pending / What next? ? ?

Searching and I'm stuck on how to compete this sale.  I'm not sure if the hang up is on my end or my buyer.   Buyer no longer responds to messages (last response was Saturday)and sale has been pending for 48 hrs. 

This is my first transaction as a seller on BMX museum.

What must I do to complete the "PENDING" sale?

  Originally I did not have a buy-it-now option, The buyer request one, So i edited my post to include one.  I believe my buyer has clicked buy it now.

Upon editing my ad to include the Buy-it-now button somehow my shipping changed from free to $130 shipping.  I asked a mod to correct the shipping for me as I could not make the change as it was already marked pending.   They made the correction.

I believe I have everything in line now to sell but I did not want to manually change post to SOLD until I was paid.  Being that BMXmuseum forum automatically converted my post to sale pending, I assumed it would also automatically convert it to paid once the Paypal transaction took place.   

Sat 3/11, 10:49 PM
User Cani78 has confirmed "Buy now" for: "BLUE Ultra Dyno 170mm 3-piece cranks with spindle bearings cones and hardware.  "

The new quantity for your post: 0

Your post has been marked Pending.

Your post:

Profile for Cani78:

Sincerely, the bot.

Message sent to seller:   "Are you still interested in the BLUE Ultra Dyno 170mm 3-piece cranks I have listed for sale? 

What must we do to complete this transaction?   

I assumed that with me incorporating the buy-it-now link and correcting the shipping to free, that a buy-it-now purchase and payment could be made with a click of the button on your end.

This is my first sale on BMXmuseum.  I appreciate your patience as I leanrn the system.


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#2 2017-03-13 8:10pm

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Re: Sale Pending / What next? ? ?

Whenever the buyer pays you you mark it sold.

If you get tired of waiting for the buyer to pay and he ignores your messages report the for sale post to be put back to active.

BTW. buyer was just online a couple hours ago.

One thing that I have seen over and over on the BMXmuseum is members willing to tarnish the reputation of another member by leaving nasty feedback before trying to resolve a problem like a reasonable human being.

In my 6 plus years as a staff member , this pisses me off almost as much as a scammer.



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