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1995 DK Pro XL

#1 2015-09-11 10:41pm

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1995 DK Pro XL

1995 DK Pro XL

First year 'Boss Made' DK Pro XL

Got this from member, Monkee363 almost three years ago. Pretty happy how it has come along. Maybe couple of subtle changes in the future but for the most part, its done........ for now.

Frame, first year DK Pro XL, Boss Made
Forks, DK / Boss
Stem, DK XXL
Bars, .065 DK Pro
Grips, Yellow Vice Grips
Donuts, ATI
Lever, Dia Compe MX-99
Bar Ends, Unknown aluminum
Headset, Aheadset SX-1
Cranks, 175 4th Gen Unstamped Profiles with Hop Up Kit
Sprocket, DK
Pedals, DK
Post, DK
Clamp, DK Two Piece
Seat, SDG Comp
Brakes, Paul
Hanger, VG
Wheelset, Chrome Araya Super 7, laced to black DK hubs, stainless Sapim spokes and aluminum nipples
Tires, Tioga Rainbow Label, Fat/Skinny
Tensioners, BMX
Pads, UGP
Plate, UGP

~ Last picture is what it looked like when I first received it. ~

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#2 2015-09-12 3:47pm

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Re: 1995 DK Pro XL




#3 2016-09-23 5:06am

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Re: 1995 DK Pro XL

Great Bike!! Very clean! Any chance you may be able to help me out, I posted in the Name It! and emailed dk and no one can pinpoint the year or model. I was thinking maybe yours has a similar stamp. Mine has PR90 on the drop out. I assume that means Pro, but I can't seem to find the year. I'll attach a link with the pictures. I've owned this bike for about 18 years and I bought it used just as frame and fork. Thanks for any help!

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#4 2018-01-21 8:54am

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Re: 1995 DK Pro XL

Just seeing this for the first time.  Wow.

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#5 2018-10-01 5:52pm

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Re: 1995 DK Pro XL


Would you carry a razor, just in case of depression?



#6 2020-08-29 4:53am

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Re: 1995 DK Pro XL

Nice bike!

Life is short.  Spend it!  Looking for: I will PAY top dollar for a Fishbone 1-1/8 X-UFO  detangler.  Also need Hevron Haro stem.  Have mid school goodness to trade also.



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