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#1 2016-04-27 9:12am

Casey McGinnis
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1988 Ozone Method

1988 Ozone Method

I know it's an Ozone... feel free to help me identify it more!

I got this bike around 1993. I use to hang out at the Lakewood Mall and try to be one of the Flatland Fugitives. I bought it off one of the guys there. I use to ride BMX and then I discovered these guys. Overtime I either had or got all the other parts, some Proto type from those guys. They were all awesome guys being they totally gave my buddies and I attention and we were like 13. Still trying to learn simple tricks 20 years later. It will never end.
1988 Ozone Method ?
Fabricated for flatland of course
(brakes & cable hangers moved, rear lower cross bar massaged inwards and dropouts fabbed a bit.
Hoffman forks - peg bosses, 990 mounts welded
Dyno bars (no questions!)
Primo Trucker chick grips?
GT Mallet gooseneck
GT Epoch headset
GT Power Series cranks 175
Primo tenderizer Mini pedals
Primo sprocket
Primo seat
Primo Rod seatpost
Peregrine seat clamp (i think)
Love Goat Pegs
Primo V monster front
ACS RL edge rear
Standard Bike Co Free coaster
Peregrine HP48's
Diacomp ad 990's up front
Revenge rear 990's
Primo Pervert w/all custom cables (ground down heads)
SLR levers
Too much secret info! LOL!

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right"



#2 2016-04-30 10:44am

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Re: 1988 Ozone Method

I remember trying to get one of those frames in
the early 90s...  Gregg Grosso,,was In the mags,,tearing
Up streets...I never found a chrome method 1 frame.

If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.....



#3 2017-11-26 9:19am

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Re: 1988 Ozone Method

Casey did you buy that frame from me in Lakewood? Drop outs cut back and the Chainstay brace crushed for tire clearance?
this is Shawn White FF

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#4 2018-11-02 8:34pm

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Re: 1988 Ozone Method

I want it.  I think that’s super bad azz

Life is short.  Spend it!  Looking for: I will PAY top dollar for a Fishbone 1-1/8 X-UFO  detangler.  Also need Hevron Haro stem.  Have mid school goodness to trade also.



#5 2018-11-30 1:51pm

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Re: 1988 Ozone Method

wow what a find sick Ozone and love the Lovegoat pegs also!



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