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#101 2016-03-19 9:45am

Jenny Caldwell
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Re: Heart attack? me?

Man, that's some scary stuff. Heart attacks is something you don't think much about until it happens to somebody you know, sorta like how cancer is too. When something tragic like this happens it really makes you appreciate life more than ever. This fellow Bmxers story should be a serious wake up call to all of us to focus on our lifestyles and change for the better.  Think about it, why wait till its to late. At least try to improve it where on can. Thank you Dave for sharing your story of your experience with us and Iam so glad you pulled through this and pray your health continues to the positive. Life is such a precious thing!

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#102 2016-03-19 10:20am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

wow. god speed on a full recovery. very glad you are doing better.

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#103 2016-03-19 11:44am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Hope suzu400 is doing better. I remember when he posted this up 3 years. At the time I said to myself that I needed to make changes to my diet but I never did. Last week my 42 year old brother who rides his flatland bike to work four days a week and hits the gym 3 days a week had a heart attach and was rushed to hospital and had two stents put in. He is home and doing OK but very weak. We all need to make sure we exercise and eat right...



#104 2016-03-19 3:02pm

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Suzu is here still, hope he sees this. Smoking cause arterial damage and other heart related issues, if you still smoke please stop for your family if nothing else. Eating fresh, real foods and walking or riding 5-6 days a week if nothing else is great. I saw a report that some of these triathlon guys have scarred tissue on their hearts like they were starved of oxygen like what happens with a heart attack. So as we AGE that old advise rings true, everything in moderation, food, exercise, sex, mother in laws ... :lol You can smoke a cigar and eat a steak or whatever your vice but once a week or so, in between healthy choices. jmo.

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#105 2016-03-19 3:15pm

Pro MemberObi-Wan Chromey
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Re: Heart attack? me?

Wow. this is sobering.
So glad to see you pulled through. thank you for sharing that crazy situation and relaying how it really could happen to anyone. I'm not the healthiest person - but I'm so glad smoking never stuck with me. I'm always encouraging my friends and family who show interest in quitting - to do so.

Hope you heal up quickly and stay healthy.

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