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#351 2015-01-03 2:05am

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Re: 88 redlines




#352 2016-03-04 9:47pm

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Re: 88 redlines

The very rare 1988 RL-20A....Mango...

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#353 2016-03-17 10:51am

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Re: 88 redlines

Excellent score! Would go nice with my mango 400c! cool Could you post some more pics? Im curious if the colour of the box on the downtube is red? and is there a RL-20A badge on the top tube?

looking for a 91 haro sport



#354 2016-03-17 12:07pm

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Re: 88 redlines

immortal wrote:

it only being made for one year ( yes I know the 90 1000 and the two-five and the ltd, but they are not 20b's)


many people call these the same bike but they have never seen these models lined up together.

they are not the same bikes with the biggest difference being the oval downtube being only on the 20b.

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