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#1 2015-04-11 7:18pm

Bling! Bling!
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1987 Bauer Freestyle II

1987 Bauer Freestyle II

Nice survivor bike.

This bike came to me in rough shape. There was a 1/8" thick layer of calcified dust on some parts and the chromed parts were in need of a refreshing. I took it completely apart, polished what could be polished, cleaned what could be cleaned and this bike came out. I replaced the chain which was not useable, the brake cables, tires and the decals which were thoroughly toasted. Unusual bike with Skyway rear drop outs.

You don't HAVE to build every frame and fork you own... right?



#2 2015-04-12 2:59am

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Re: 1987 Bauer Freestyle II

Good job on cleaning it up, looks new! big_smile

That chit will buff out



#3 2015-04-15 5:09pm

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Re: 1987 Bauer Freestyle II

Neat! Have not run into one of these bikes before.

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#4 2015-06-02 6:32am

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Re: 1987 Bauer Freestyle II

I really like this... just a nice original looking bike... NICE WORK... you have a nice collection and don't over do your restoration work.

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