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2000 S&M Bikes 24

#1 2015-01-30 12:16pm

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2000 S&M Bikes 24

2000 S&M Bikes 24

My New Race Cruiser!

Decided I needed a winter project. Was looking for something specific. Found it and built it from the ground up. Frame had 2 dents so after sandblasting I repaired those. Had a buddy powdercoat frame and fork in white with a sparkly clearcoat. Some parts were hard to find but with some time and research I've come up with this beauty and am hoping to get back into racing this year! Total breakdown: Frame- S&M 24" Cruiser(new powder, new 38 Special decals) Fork- S&M Pitchfork(new powder, new red pitchfork decals as the original blue pitchfork decals are impossible to find) Headset- Answer Handlebars- S&M Race 5.75" Grips- BOX Hex lock-on Lever- ProMax Cable- Odyssey Brake- ProMax SPC- TNT Seatpost- Odyssey Jim Beam Seat- Primo Hemorrhoid Cranks- GT Overdrive 175mm(new bubble decals) Sprocket- Tuf neck Pedals- Crupi Pro Rounds w/ titanium shafts Chain- KMC Wheels- Alienation Bull Run Tires- Maxxis Holy Roller Stem- S&M Redneck XLT Tensioners- Answer Rim strips- BOX



#2 2015-03-01 3:43pm

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Re: 2000 S&M Bikes 24

Nice Build- colors look great together,and TN sprocket is Cool... cool

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