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#351 2012-12-16 11:31am

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Re: Worst BMX products of all-time...

Coco wrote:

stonie wrote:

Then again, if everyone liked the same things the world would be boring.           smile

Indeed. Different is good.

Just because I personally don't like coloured chains, I won't pee on anyone's parade for liking and using them.

Those coloured, plastic chain covers (Pro Guard??) are a different story. Those using them shall be ridiculed in public. lol

HAHAHA lollollol
Those things were a complete gimmick worthy of being in the top 100 worst.

How about the similar item that attached to the seat post, what the heck was that about????roll

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#352 2013-02-12 9:56am

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Re: Worst BMX products of all-time...

Logo tread pattern tires. All of them.



#353 2013-02-12 1:23pm

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Re: Worst BMX products of all-time...

Oh, not sure if anyone mentioned them, but what about those seats with the springloaded tab that came out of the nose? I also seem to remember springloaded extensions that you could put in as bar-ends. I guess the idea was that in the early days of balance tricks, you could rest the seat against the bar ends and gumby yourself to happiness.

Instead you wound up smashing your leg or bar end again a springy tab that deployed as you left the jump. LookbacK? Nope. SLAM!

And those roller seats that would pinch your butt.

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#354 2015-02-02 4:12pm

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Re: Worst BMX products of all-time...

Odyssey was one who made those seats..and it was the plan for that and the bar extender.  Great idea, not so great execution.

The bar-end was the Peterson Bar Extender..yup, Rob Peterson "The Master of Balance" invented them.



#355 2015-02-02 4:34pm

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Re: Worst BMX products of all-time...

Hutch tongue



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