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I can't wait to see the 2nd project !!! ....  what can be done to top / match this ??

Looking for :

  * NOS  Tuf Neck power disc & chain ring in GOLD  ...  * NOS chrome MX 1000 brakes  ...  * ACS Z-rim hoops/wheels in pink "Woody Itson" signature model …  * NOS/Mint Shimano DX pedals in Red or Blue ... * NOS/Mint Suntour XC-II pedals  9/16 ... * NOS / Mint Sugino 40 or 42 chain ring chrome  ... 



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Frenchie Skyway
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Second built will be my own personal TA restored, (the white one, won honourables races with it) nothing special, Campy graphic, 401 and Skyway race bar need chrome job (in progress).



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Frenchie Skyway wrote:

Hi there,
I'm Philippe from France, this is my first and only one complete Bmx collector.
I'll try to do my best for my english / american language in this post.

When i was a kid i had a Skyway T/A always complete now and ready to rebuilt soon.
Skyway was my favorite brand, i think it was my first real design product incoming in my life.

Now i have 2 boys, they started Bmx race 2 years ago, i had this exciting idea 6 month after :

I took a BMX plus from my little magazines collection, i saw a kid with a white mini GT in the air across a double jump, i thought Skyway doesn't make a little Bmx frame for kids, in few seconds i'd got the idea : undersizing the frame with a more slopping top tube, find a mini brake, a mini Power lite bar, mini grips, mini number plate…etc….

And what kind of wheels ... ?
I had a really, really exciting idea !!
A fully handmade set of skyway 1"3/8, that was my goal.

Here the complete work step by step :

I found a white TA frame set in UK in normal condition with damaged brake bridge and drop out.
First i was thinking about the right method for changing the frame size.
The top tube length was good for me to compare with other junior frame size.
The rear triangle length was maybe a little bit to long but i was thinking it would be really hard
to change.
I decided to beginning the work myself, i will cut the top tube between the head tube and the seat tube
then seat tube to the rear triangle and bottom bracket, i found a dremel to do this job then, i thought i will find someone
to weld.
But i was really busy at work and after 3 months with no progress i found Malo on a french Bicycle forum to do the job completely.

He was really genius, he found the right solution quickly his skills are brilliant.
Please visit his web site to learn more about him and his new school production :

Malo took every step in photo to explain and share the method, thank you very much to him.
Poor Malo, he's awaiting for this post for months !!!



This is the plan i gave to Malo for started the work :

The original frame after cleaning

Step by step down sizing frame work

The complete work, really perfect !
Weld job is perfect, all details are fantastics, it look like a real Junior frame from Skyway factory.
Here you can compare between a 20" original size and the junior.

Frame (and fork) after powder coating.

The frame set ready to built with both NOS and restored parts.

Work in progress awaiting for the wheels


THE WHEELS, How to do ?

The idea is really simple :
All the elements of a Tuff Wheel can be turn or split into 27 flats plastic board parts and a cylinder for the hubs and the
valve hole.
After designed the Wheels i try to make a tool to cutting the plastic board but it was really hard to do, i gave the plan to an industrial company for cutting the 27 pieces in a chlorure de polyvinyle board (pvc).
All parts are in 3mm thikness.
For the hubs i found in a professional house ware 4 cylinders in almost the perfect size i just cutting 2 cm to reduce the height.

For the bonding i used a simple PVC adhesive, exactly the same for the PVC pipe you can use at home.

On one side of the Wheel i decided to engraved the logo and serial number like the Tuff Wheel II first generation graphites.
I don't have Graphites for model i only found some pictures as well.
Also my friend Arnaud (doublechevron in this forum) help me, he gave me 2 old Tuff Wheels, like that it was easy to imagine the future right shape for the 1" 3/8 size.

I was looking for originals campy hubs to do a perfect job in accordance with engraved rims, in vain, i bought 2 aluminum complete loosing balls set NOS.

After first step assembly (central star and all the slices for the rim part) i need to do the radius for the inside and outside edge of the rim. For the inside edge i use a car repair mastic, this is the classical method to do fine shape, i use also the same mastic to do all the curved shapes between all the stars and the rim and around the valve hole.

The 2 wheels was made with the same method, hours and hours do do well.

First painting in glossy black. Glossy black reveals all the dents, pits,  PVC adhesive and mastic defaults.

Again hours and hours to do as perfect as possible.

Final painting in mat black. Painting was made especially to reproduce graphite color as well.

First complete built, some parts missing, flat tires and rear new school tire.

The frame can be use as a real little race bike, the wheels are really strongs i think a child can road gently with no problem, also they are a little bit lighter than a classic Tuff Wheel.
The front wheel is in great shape, turn straight and have no dent or pit, it almost perfect to do a mold.
The rear wheel have a little problem to spin straight is due to a problem during assembly but nothing serious.

Sorry for the last pictures, i'll make professionnal photos with a friend soon, but i couldn't wait more to share with you.

I'm looking for 2 Comp III or IV, i put a comp III in the front wheel but it's realy dry and i could not put the second
one on the rear wheel, even drier.
Please let me know if you have a NOS set to sale

Close view

I'm really happy to share this project with you,
i'd like to many thanks to :
Malo, thank you for your skills
Arnaud, thank you for your help
Jeff Haney, thank you for your enthusiasts pm last week.
Roller in line (cutting and engraved PVC)
Atelier Stephane (painter)

My next built would be an other Junior frame in chrome finish with Euro bottom bracket.
You bet ?

I hope the folks from Skyway would appreciate my job, i have tons of ideas for them !!


Junior TA frame, original TA fork.
Revcore drop out saver (not show)
165mm Terry crank (from Rod Miles skyway pit bike)
Sugino bolts and 40 teeth ring
Mini Hutch pedals TI axle
Izumi chain (with holes in both sides of each link, don't know the name of this product)
Suntour,Free wheel.
First generation Hutch seat clamp
Uni mini seat with cover (i have 2 UNI, one with right tube diameter and small seat and one with smaller
tube for mini frame, the frame keep the "normal size")
Mini Dia compe brake  (thank you Arnaud ;-)) with Skyway pro pad.
Shimano SX lever
AME dual mini grips
GT epoch head set.
Mini Powerlite handle bar or Mid size Powerlite handle bar for an "expert" built
Pro Neck mini stem
Mini serie number plate (can't decide myself to open the bag…)
Looking for a NOS set of comp III or IV

All NOS parts except Terry crank and mid size powerlite handle bar. (not show)

Ready for Rockford 2012 ?

Damn dude, your attention to detail is off the chain. You got it going. Keep up the great work.

I can not sit still. I have been tested for A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. and have neither. I don't need coffee, I just need a B.M.X. or surfboard to consistently ride and I'll be happy. smile




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